Water Damage Repair and Restoration

At Tri State Water Restoration, Inc., one of our main services is to provide water damage repair to all PA and NJ residents. When you need prompt repair and restoration services, our crew works together to address your particular situation. There are many ways for water to infiltrate a property. Each can result in a different level of contamination depending on whether the water was clean or dirty.

Water Damage Repair, NJ

  • Floods
  • Roof Leaks
  • Plumbing Failures
  • Rain Infiltration
  • Sump Pump Backups
  • Sewage Backups

Our technicians will begin by cleaning out the flood waters and any debris created by the water damage. Professional moisture detection equipment will be used to evaluate and document the conditions inside the affected area and the source of the water intrusion will be determined. It is important to call the professionals for a repair project as soon as you detect an influx of water to ensure your indoor air quality remain healthy. Our technicians will make recommendations on how to proceed once the source and category of the water is determined.

Category 1 is clean water such as from a faucet, tub or sink overflowing

Category 2 is contaminated water that contains unsafe levels of micro-organisms such as water from drain lines, washing machines or toilets

Category 3 is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogens and toxins that are very dangerous. These include flood waters from streams and rivers or toilet trap backflows.

We have the proper equipment and necessary experience to clear the damage in a timely manner. We know how frustrating it can be to see your NJ home suffering from flooding and contaminated water, so we make it a priority to clean up and disinfect the area for thorough water damage restoration in Philadelphia and NJ.

In order to complete the water damage restoration process in PA and NJ, our technicians will ensure that the affected areas are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized and protect your property against mold growth.