Sewage Removal Philadelphia PA / NJ / Bucks County

Tri State Water Restoration, Inc., the leading Philadelphia sewage removal company, specializes in residential and commercial sewage removal and cleanup. The dirty, dis-colored water involved in sewage damage is classified as Category 3, which can be very dangerous because of the harmful agents contaminating it. Sewage damage in Philadelphia should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent cross contamination of bacteria and viruses. Our professional technicians can clean any area of your Philadelphia, PA home that may be contaminated, big or small.

Our technicians in Bucks County follow the rules and regulations of the IICRC S500 Standard and Reference guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. Our sewage cleanup is performed by only the most experienced removal technicians in Bucks County and New Jersey. Our NJ sewage removal company performs a fully-treated removal including the disposal of affected materials such as drywall, insulation, carpet, and pad.  No matter how big a removal job may be, Tri State Water Restoration has the right technicians and procedures to get the job done.

We offer our NJ customers a complete plan of action from the beginning of a job to completion. We start off by assessing the contaminated areas and plan a course of action with the owner of the Philadelphia, PA property/building.


Sewage cleanup in NJ is a dirty job, which can be messy for people to do themselves. Having sewage buildup in a building or on your property can be a health hazard if not treated quickly. Our company has performed hundreds of jobs involving sewage removal in PA and NJ. We have the right people and equipment to clean up the mess and return your building to its previous state.

Our crew provides immediate response to ensure your Bucks County, PA home is well taken care of, providing a healthy and non-toxic indoor air quality. Keep yourself from posing unwanted health risks and call Tri State Water Restoration today!

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