Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold cleaning Philadelphia

At Tri State Water Restoration, Inc. we specialize in residential and commercial mold removal as well as mold cleaning in PA and NJ. Our technicians are trained and certified by The Clean Trust. The Clean Trust provides the industry standards for proper mold remediation. Due to the hazards that mold emanates, it is essential that mold remediation be performed by licensed and certified professionals. As an allergen, mold can threaten your health. Some people are more susceptible than others, such as children, elderly and those with immune disorders. Some species of mold are toxic and can be life threatening.

When you notice an area of your Bucks County or Philadelphia, PA home has become infested with mold, it is important to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible. Our crew provides you with the highest quality of cleaning and mold removal services in Bucks County.

Mold removal bucks county

Mold removal and remediation in Philadelphia and Bucks County

is a complicated process that starts with containment of the infected area to prevent any cross contamination. Mold is usually caused by moisture penetration through roofs, plumbing leaks, surface water or unmaintained HVAC systems. The source of the mold must be found and addressed to avoid any further contamination. We have the proper cleaning equipment to rid your property of mold, our technicians work diligently for your mold removal and water damage repair in Philadelphia.

Mold removal Philadelphia

The process then involves removal of all affected areas, proper cleaning and drying of the areas, including the air systems of your NJ or Philadelphia property, as well as disinfecting with a microbial wash.

When you need a thorough cleaning for a hazardous area in your home, our cleaning and restoration will leave your property mold free so you can get back to breathing fresh air.